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Working within the community has had a huge influence on my professional practice as an artist and a facilitator. I am always looking for new opportunities to work with groups who would benefit form participatory arts practice.

Previous courses and workshops have been created for;

  • Art Shape adult eduction 

  • Art Shape Arts & Health

  • Weston College

  • St Mungo's

  • art + power

  • Envision

  • UWE

  • BBC outreach

  • International Women's Day events (Bristol City Council)

I have met many inspirational people through my work within communities and love to see how their participation, especially in creative group work, can help them develop their confidence, their interpersonal life skills and form new connections with individuals and communities. The positive change created in individuals is what drives me to create tailored workshops and courses that meet the varying needs of participants. 

Please contact me if you're interested in providing creative workshops for your organisation. Creative workshops can be tailored to your organisation and can involve printmaking, photography, drawing and painting - and can be created to suit any age.

For more information, please drop me a line using this contact form below.

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