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This is my journey into writing....

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My Story

started writing after having my first daughter during lockdown. I had bouts of PPD and PPA which was made worse by being stuck indoors with a baby, craving connection to other mothers and desperate to share my experience of being a new mum. I submitted three paragraphs to the Born in Lockdown project set up by Emylia Hall, 'a one-of-a-kind story with 277 authors and one shared experience: becoming a new mother in 2020', and one was published in the final print.

You can download a copy here: 

The outcome of the project had a profound affect on me, and when Lauren A Hayhurst set up another collaborative writing project I felt inspired to write some more!

My piece in Rainbow Punch explores my relationship to colours, 'Before, During, After', my hospital stay whilst having my daughter in the pandemic. I also had the privilege to illustrate two other writers' poems.

The book was published by Arkbound and can be bought here: with all royalties going to The Rainbow Trust.

My second daughter was born in July 2024. Before she was born I had booked my place on the Mothership Writers course with Emylia Hall for the autumn! The course was brilliant, a wonderful mix of analysing writing on motherhood, responding to creative prompts and sharing our own writing, musings and experiences. Since then, a few of us have continued to meet up weekly on zoom to share writing prompts and ideas. It's provided me with such a valuable connection to myself and other mothers, and I hope to share some of this work (perhaps illustrated as well!!) very soon.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Get in touch!

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