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Forest Therapy Sessions

What is Forest Therapy?

The Japanese practice of shinrin yoku, or Forest Bathing, is good for both physical and mental wellbeing. It is proven to reduce stress hormone production, improve feelings of happiness and free up creativity, as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure, boost the immune system and accelerate recovery from illness.

Practicing Forest Therapy has allowed me to develop tools of resilience in my life that have positively impacted how I deal with stressful situations and manage physical health symptoms. I qualified as a practitioner in August 2023 and now aim to bring this practice to everyone who wants to create positive change in their lives.

The world, and our place within it, can seem complex and full. For some people, this can promote feelings of anxiety, low mood and uncertainty.

During these times we need to focus on promoting self-care in our lives, to work towards being present for ourselves, and those around us. I aim to help you develop a ‘nature toolkit’ that will open your awareness to new perspectives.

My sessions will always have a creative element, due to my extensive experience tecahing and making art. If you're interested in attending a session please complete the contact form below.

"We often forget that WE ARE NATURE. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we've lost our connection to ourselves."  Andy Goldsworthy

'Really loved this. Made me really aware of things I don't usually notice when in the woods. Your voice is very relaxing & the slow pace & guidance on the senses to be aware of was perfect.'

Forest Therapy Participant

'People were really moved by the experience and I personally really appreciated is as part of the day and found it very therapeutic.'

NHS Psychiatry Climate Day Organiser

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