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I'm happy to work with clients to design and make custom art work for homes and offices.


One range I produce are mono - prints using leaves and flowers from your own garden, giving the art work a personal and unique look. You also get to choose the colours to suit your decor!


Take a look at some of the examples here.


For more inspiration on different themes take a look in the other galleries and contact me on the form below.

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Orange monoprint
orange monoprint light
Orange monoprint (stencil)
Orange monoprint (impress)
Framed mono print
Blue flower monoprint
Blue flower monoprint ghost
Blue flower monoprint 2
Collage of mono prints, framed
Various mono - prints
Various mono - prints
mono - print
Floral mono - print
Floral mono - print
Leaf mono - print
Mono print of poppy seed heads
Multi coloured mono - print
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