Working within the community has had a huge influence on my professional practice as an artist and a facilitator. I am always looking for new opportunities to work with groups who would benefit form participatory arts practice.

Previous courses and workshops have been created for;

  • Art Shape

  • Weston College

  • St Mungo's

  • art + power

  • Envision

  • UWE

  • BBC outreach

  • International Women's Day events (Bristol City Council)

The creative arts industry has faced challenging times with less and less emphasis being placed on the arts in educational settings, and with community groups sometimes competing for essential funding. The arts are also now facing even more uncertain times through the Corona Virus Pandemic.


The creative arts can support individuals and communities to access support and work to their own personal developmental targets, which is why I believe it is so important to keep participatory arts practice available to all.

I have put a selection of photos and videos on this page showing outcomes of workshops I have developed.

Photomontage Workshop_Art Shape

Workshop developed for Course Open Day, exploring quick creative techniques such as photomontage and stamp printing.

Window Wonderland 2019

Collage and light installation for street window displays, exploring theme of Nature.

Being Human Course_Art Shape

Self portraits exploring our own identity and what it is to be 'human'. Art Shape runs a countywide programme of arts courses and projects with a specific focus on disability issues and social inclusion.

3D Environmental Responding

Exploring our creative world through 3D materials.

Collaborative Screen Printing

Working as a team to create a fun and colourful abstract outcome!

Printmaking Product Development_Art Shape

Experimental lino printing workshop developing imagery for sellable products.

Being Human Course_Artshape

Collaboration Wall exploring the theme of 'Being Human'.

Printmaking Course_Art Shape

Developing out own style through print.

Drawing Workshop (Tone) Art Shape

Step by step guides produced for learners to gain control of drawing with tone.

Printmaking Workshop

Experimenting with a range of colour, paper and shape.

I have met many inspirational people through my work within communities and love to see how their participation, especially in creative group work, can help them develop their confidence, their interpersonal life skills and form new connections with individuals and communities. The positive change created in individuals is what drives me to create tailored workshops and courses that meet the varying needs of participants. In times of my own self- doubt, it was this thought that helped me to challenge myself by doing a PGCE and starting to teach in more traditional education settings.

Please contact me if you're interested in providing creative workshops for your organisation. Creative workshops can be tailored to your organisation and can involve printmaking, photography, drawing and painting - and can be created to suit any age.

For more information, please drop me a line using this contact form below.

Created by Charlotte Hawke 2015

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Drawing Workshop (Tone) Art Shape

Step by step guides produced for learners to gain control of drawing with tone.